Videofestival live • The big event for New italian Artists in the world


Videofestival Live is one of the biggest Italian Music Festivals. It was created in Italy, 21 year ago, by the Event Organizator Gianni Lardera.

With a high quality of the artists’ performance at the Festival, the event coordinators continue their professional mission in italy. From 2015, Videofestival Live expanded the promotion of the italian Music in other countries, encouraging Italian artists with their music and culture all over the world.

Every Year thousands of artists from all parts of Italy participate in various castings of the Videofestival Live.

Friendship, human attention and passion for music and art - this is our formula for keeping high quality and achieving better results for Videofestival Live.


Castings are held in 30 cities - 5 Categories:

Original and Cover Songs - Musical (for Musical Performer)

Lirica (For Opera Singer) - Band (All Genre Accepted)

Composer Instrumental Music (For Composer and Producer of Soundtrack and Instrumental Music)

To print the rules you have to first download to your computer, click here to download it now.


  • Gianni Lardera

  • Alessandro Porcella

  • If you are a teacher and you want to propose your school for casting/auditions
  • If you are an entrepreneur and you are looking for a reliable partner for your events
  • If you are a festival organizer and you are interested in partnership
  • If you are an advertising agent and you want to advertise to your customers all over the World
  • If you are a producer and/or television author and you want to work for a new music show